frequently asked


Do I need a Wedding Planner?
The average wedding takes 250 hours to organise. Add that onto a full-time job and a busy social life and you may find there just aren’t enough hours in the day. As a Wedding Planner, I only take on 8 full weddings per year and am therefore able to dedicate the necessary time and love to each of them. Not only am I able to share the organisational load, but I can also apply my creative touch to help deliver your perfect day and of course, have some incredible contacts in the industry at my fingertips.

What does a Wedding Planner do?
My approach to wedding planning is totally flexible, depending on your requirements. I can be there right from the beginning, I can just be there on the day, or I can simply help out with a few ad hoc tasks along the way. For full details of the services I offer, please check out my How I Can Help You page.

Do you only organise weddings in the Cotswolds?
Although my expertise lies in this beautiful part of the country, I also love working on weddings in Surrey and London too. However, if your wedding is elsewhere in the country, please still get in touch via my Contact page and we can set up an initial consultation.

I’ve organised my whole wedding myself but would like someone to attend on the day. Can you help?
Most certainly! After having planned your big day to perfection, you want to enjoy yourself, safe in the knowledge that everything will run smoothly. We can have a consultation in advance of your wedding day for you to hand everything over and then it’s time to relax. Please take a look at my On the Day Coordination page for more information.

Given the current situation, I’m only planning a small wedding. Can you still help?
Absolutely! No wedding is too big or too small. Intimate weddings can be just as fabulous as the large ones. Please note that for my Full Planning service I do charge a minimum fee.