Questions to ask your Florist

Before you begin the search for your wedding florist, you may have a few questions that you’d like to ask. In this blog, I had the pleasure of interviewing Julia Clarke from Floret Florals, based in Blackheath, London.

How far in advance do you recommend booking your florist?

In normal times I find it varies greatly. Some couples book a year in advance whilst others a matter of months before. If you want a certain florist then my advice is to book them sooner rather than later. Flowers are such an important part of your aesthetics. However, in these strange times it is all a bit up in the air. You may find your preferred florist is booked. Especially if there have been postponements.

Do couples need to know exactly what they want at the booking stage?

Absolutely not, even if you have no idea at all it is totally ok. As a florist, it is our job to help you find a floral look that works with you overall vision and budget.

Which are the main floral arrangements we need to think about?

Personally I always think it is best to do a few things really beautifully than a lot of things on a budget. So I would always say first and foremost a super stunning bouquet (this will be the most photographed floral element). Then, second, a standout ceremony feature that you can utilise in some way for the reception. Then work out the rest of your florals based on your budget.

Are there different styles of flower arrangements?

Absolutely! Every florist will have a style and finding someone who fits with your aesthetic is really important. Do you want foliage, heavy, boho, light and airy, romantic, modern, or a mix of some of these? Even if you don’t know what you want yet, you will be drawn to a look. I always say the very best place to start is instagram – find a feed that you love the style of.

Are there different types of bouquets? Which is your favourite?

There are definitely different styles (cascade, romantic, formed, boho, fine art…) and every year there are different trends. Different florists will have different styles they tend to specialise in. I specialise in a fine art style of floristry so my bouquets (and all aspects of my florals) are light and airy and super romantic with lots of movement. I don’t often create uniform, structured bouquets or florals and prefer to let flowers take on their natural form and motion.

Can we reuse our arrangements in different places throughout the day?

Yes, to some degree and I would always recommend we try to do this. Moving a big structure isn’t always possible but flowers are a big investment so trying to use your budget wisely is really important. Work with your florist to see what is possible. There are always ways to reuse florals from your ceremony. Perhaps moving a floral arch to behind the top table. Sometimes this does cost a little more as it does mean more mechanics but the cost will be far less than a completely new structure. Find a florist who is creative in their vision as then you will get the most out of your floral budget.

When and to where do you deliver the flowers?

Flowers are delivered to the venue and put in place. If the bouquet needs to be delivered to a different location this is also possible. I try and get as much done in my studio in the days leading up to the wedding but some bigger features will be done on site. I will always be completely set up and have left the venue (or be invisible) before the first guest arrives.

Do you set the flowers up at the venue yourself? What about those fiddly buttonholes?

Yes, I always set up myself (sometimes with assistants). Being a creative usually comes with the perfectionist gene so the final tweaks are super important to me. Regarding buttonholes, those are one of my favourite parts of the florals; they are like little bouquets for boys. I am not always around to put these on the jackets of the boys, but they are delivered to the boys or the venue.

Have you noticed any breaks from tradition in recent years?

Some years bring a break from tradition and then some years are incredibly traditional. There seems to be a lot more diversity in terms of style. Rather than one trend there tends to be lots of trends. The last few years have seen my style of fine art florals taking the centre stage as well as Boho. With Boho, there has been a lot of demand for dried elements and pampas. I always say to couples to think 30 years from now and when you look back at your photos do you want to see something timeless and classic or something that was super on trend for that time. Neither is right or wrong,, it just comes down to taste.

What floral trends do you predict for 2021?

Micro and intimate weddings may be more popular so we may see much more lush tables as budgets will allow for more creativeness and volume. I think dried florals will still be around in 2021 but possibly out by 2022. Colour is making a bit of a comeback and I think there will be more colour experimented with. I try not to get too caught up in trends and focus more on the overall vision. For me a wedding is celebration of two people and so I feel the aesthetics should really reflect a couples personality rather than the latest trend.

I hope this blog equips you with all the questions you want to ask your wedding florist. If you enjoyed this interview, check out more of my Interviews with Suppliers on the Blog.

Love, Lucy x


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